Substation Operations Specialist (Oahu)

Date: May 20, 2023

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii (HI), US, 96814

Company: hawaiianel

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Posting End Date:  at 11:59PM HST



The P QS SUBSTATION & METER SUBSTATION Department of the P SUBSTATION & METER Division at Hawaiian Electric Company has 1 Management vacancy available. (Role: Professional)



Provides technical and administrative support relating to daily substation operations, including analysis and evaluation of substation equipment performance; field inspections; work planning, scheduling and coordination; and emergency response and recovery efforts.



  • Plans, schedules and coordinates the activities, manpower, equipment, materials, tools, work package instructions and all other resources required to operate, maintain, or construct substation facilities. 
    • Carries out day-to-day planning and scheduling of work activities to meet in-service dates.
    • Defines the specific work activities and manpower required to complete a work request. Establishes start and completion dates of projects and work requests.
    • Administers the work management and payroll processes.
    • Provides guidance and assistance to crews in operating, maintaining and troubleshooting all substation equipment including transmission, distribution, network transformer/protectors, auto transfers and 12 KV vaults.
    • Reviews and manages the prints and instruction manuals, and the inventory of spare parts.
  • Continuously monitors, evaluates and audits substation operations, and establishes new and revised operations requirements, methods and procedures for improving substation operations. Provides analysis of testing, diagnostic techniques, root cause investigations, and useful life expectancy.  Analyzes substation equipment performance trends, develops improvement strategies, implements project work plans, and provides emergency response during storms and equipment failures and malfunctions. 
  • Performs field inspections for work quality, productivity, and efficiency.  Monitors and investigates daily remote substation alarms and repair orders, and prioritizes work accordingly. Establishes control, data and indications requirements for substation operation.
  • Substitutes for Substation Supervisors during scheduled or unscheduled absences
  • Participates in Company emergency response activities as assigned, including any activities required to prepare for such emergency response.



Knowledge Requirements

  • Working knowledge of organization, business, engineering, accounting, information systems, work management principles normally acquired through college level courses or equivalent work experience. Or Bachelor's degree in, business, engineering, accounting, information systems, or equivalent work experiene. 
  • Working knowledge of the construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of Substation equipment, normally acquired through an apprenticeship program or equivalent training and experience.  Substation equipment include but are not limited to: high voltage circuit breakers, bus switches, line and breaker disconnects, power transformers, load tap changers, batteries and battery chargers, capacitor banks, switchgears, auto transfer equipment, network protectors/transformers, protective and auxiliary relays.
  • Working knowledge of all support equipment and vehicles needed to construct or maintain substation equipment. (i.e. vacuum pumps, boom, bucket, and filter trucks)
  • Ability to reference and interpret equipment instruction manuals, submit Hold-Off and Limited Hold-off Requests
  • Working knowledge of purchasing procedures, creating requisitions to procure material, capital tools/test equipment and outside services
  • Working knowledge of planning/scheduling, estimating concepts and principles.
  • Working knowledge of budgeting and forecasting processes.  Ability to create monthly O&M program reports for the department.
  • Working knowledge of personal computers, remote devices (i.e. tablet and smartphone), and related software applications such as the current ERP system, work management programs, spreadsheets, word processing, etc.
  • Working knowledge of project management principles.
  • Familiar with applicable state and federal regulations/permits, laws, and codes, with emphasis on environmental issues pertaining to substation equipment.
  • Ability to read electrical, structural, and mechanical drawings pertaining to substation construction and equipment.


Skills Requirements

  • Ability to effectively communicate to all levels of personnel (internal/external customers and suppliers), both in written and verbal communications.
  • Ability to work with a variety of individuals, occasionally dealing with sensitive, difficult or confrontational issues.
  • Must have or be able to qualify for a State of Hawaii driver’s license. Must meet the standards for frequent or required driving positions stated in the Hiring Standards for Required Driving Positions policy. These standards may be adjusted periodically to meet business and safety objectives.
  • Strong planning skills, including estimation, task sequencing and resource allocation.
  • Facilitation and interpersonal skills to create teamwork between staff, internal and external customers and suppliers.
  • Ability to remain flexible in a demanding work environment and adapt to rapidly changing priorities.
  • Analytical, organizational, conceptual, and problem-solving skills to handle various projects and programs.
  • Ability to meet schedules and deadlines with thorough, accurate and neat work products.


Experience Requirements

  • Minimum five (5) years experience as a Substation Electrician Thereafter, or
  • 8-10 years relevant substation experience
  • Minimum 3 to 5 years relevant work experience.




Role: Professional 

Number of Vacancies: 1 

Work Schedule: Monday - Friday

Work Hours: 7:00 am - 3:30 pm

Location: Honolulu – Oahu

Hiring Range: The hiring range for the SUBSTATION OPERATIONS SPECIALIST [Req ID 8393] position is $75,000.00 to $95,700.00. The person selected will be placed according to his/her skills and qualifications. 


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Should there be no candidates with this experience, the company may consider applicants without such experience who meet the knowledge/skill requirements. If such a candidate is hired, he or she will initially be placed on a development plan commensurate with his/her education and experience level.


Applicant Certification
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EEO Statement
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Affiliate Disclaimer
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By submitting your application, you understand and acknowledge that, if you are hired by the Company and subsequently transferred, assigned or otherwise employed by an Affiliate, said Affiliate will be required to make a one-time payment to the Company in an amount up to twenty-five percent (25%) of your base annual compensation.  

In addition, if you are hired by the Company and subsequently transferred, assigned or otherwise employed by an Affiliate or an Affiliate-Related Entity, for a period of one year, you cannot appear in negotiations or otherwise interact directly with the Company or work on the same matter that you worked on while with the Company. 

Affiliate is defined as “any person or entity that possesses an ‘affiliate interest’ in a utility as defined by section 269-19.5, Hawaii Revised Statutes (“HRS”), including a utility’s parent holding company, except as otherwise provided by HRS section 269-19.5(h).”

Affiliate-Related Entity is defined as “a third party that provides electricity-related services in a regulated utility’s service territory that has a material financial, operational, or ownership interest with an unregulated affiliate of the utility and of whom the utility has reasonable knowledge.” 

For a current list of all Affiliates and Affiliate-Related Entities, please see:

This list may be amended, updated or revised from time to time without notice.  

Nearest Major Market: Honolulu
Nearest Secondary Market: Hawaii