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Technology Consultant/ Research Engineer

Date: Mar 1, 2023

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii (HI), US, 96813

Company: hawaiianel

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Posting End Date:  at 11:59PM HST



The P XS ADMIN-GRID TECHNOLOGIES Department at Hawaiian Electric Company has 2 Management vacancy available. (Role: Professional)



Proactively scouts and evaluates advanced and emerging technologies for research, development and demonstration (RD&D) activities or other utility pilot evaluations that support implementation of the Companies’ technical plans. Manages the technology innovation process and coordinates and tracks the performance of the Company’s RD&D portfolio, including facilitation of technology transfer. Tracks and assesses market adoption and technical readiness levels of emerging technologies and capabilities. Serves as both internal consultant and liaison to external stakeholders on technology. Leads teams in high-profile, high-visibility initiatives and projects to implement Company plans, projects, and technical requirements.



  • Research & Technology Development: Actively scouts innovative technologies and applications that align with technical and business plans. Participates in, technical conferences and other events to facilitate technology scouting efforts. Conducts research on technologies, prepares technical assessments, and offers technical opinions. Assesses the application of emerging technologies for operations, planning, new business opportunities, and customer utilization. Leads teams in the vetting of new technologies, including coordination of technical meetings with external stakeholders and vendors. May also serve as a subject matter expert on specific technologies to assess the application of emerging technologies to meet Company goals. Establishes and maintains working relationships with individuals and organizations throughout the world that are involved with emerging technology. May take short-term assignments within other areas of the Company to facilitate deeper knowledge of technology needs and priorities. Leads testing and proof-of-concept piloting of innovative and advanced technologies and solutions, including the development of test plans, field deployment of technologies, and acquisition and advanced analytics of test data.
  • Business Partnerships & NetworkingEngages with internal personnel and external parties to assess partnering opportunities. Leads internal teams by coordinating the scoping of external funding opportunities with various technical areas in the Company. Assesses and solicits funding opportunities with EPRI, government agencies and national laboratories, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and vendors for selected emerging technology projects. Assists in the prioritization of the Company’s high priority needs based on feedback received from other areas within the Company. Leads the management of studies and site assessments conducted by outside consultants to assess the technical and non-technical applicability of emerging technologies on the Company’s grid systems. 
  • Technology GovernanceManages the technology innovation governance process in the identification, evaluation, selection, and prioritization of emerging technology and federal grant projects. Oversees RD&D annual solicitations, reviews proposals to ensure alignment with high priority strategic needs, facilitates internal vetting, and conducts quarterly stage-gate evaluations to monitor project performance, schedules, budgets, and issues.
  • Technology TransferFacilitates technology transfer to disseminate knowledge and research results within the Company. Leads the research of new, advanced functionality development that aligns with the Company’s current and future operating and planning requirements. Tracks and assesses the market readiness of advanced resources, technologies, and functionalities that meet Company technical requirements and aligns with technology plans. Coordinates the alignment of new technology implementation strategies and activities with Company business strategies. Serves as a liaison to industry and leads high-profile technology initiatives with external stakeholders. Acts as a Company technical representative at public, private, and special interest events related to technology innovation. Leads efforts with Company personnel to bridge gaps and move targeted technologies from RD&D to commercial implementation.
  •  Participates in activities and prepares associated documents for rate case and other regulatory dockets. Evaluates bills, conducts relevant research, and prepares and delivers testimony for legislative hearings.
  • Participates in Company emergency response activities as assigned, including any activities required to prepare for such emergency response.



Knowledge Requirements

  • Bachelors degree in engineering, business, or other applicable technical or non-technical degree from an ABET-accredited college or university is required. 
  • Demonstrated detailed knowledge of the application of engineering theories and principles that are pertinent to the Job Responsibilities. This includes thorough knowledge of electrical power systems (utility and in-building systems), generation systems and operations, renewable energy and energy storage concepts, digital control systems, maintenance, and communications.
  • Demonstrated understanding of the utility industry and has a thorough understanding of how technology scouting fits into the Company’s strategic plans.
  • Knowledge of scientific research, including processes for research and development, and the transition from technology development to implementation.
  • Strong understanding of technology development processes, market adoption strategies, communication standards, and electric utility methodologies to implement new technologies. Thorough knowledge of theories and principles of engineering normally acquired through advanced college level courses or equivalent experience.
  • Strong understanding of, and ability to apply, standard industry practices for technology assessment and product adoption steps for commercial utility applications.
  • Working knowledge of the Company’s operations, planning, technical plans, business practices, and associated technical gaps.
  • Working knowledge of the principles and practices of engineering, project engineering, and project management associated with renewable and conventional electric generation facilities and systems.
  • Working knowledge of testing processes, including the development of test plans, project scoping, scheduling, and budgeting.
  • Working knowledge of economic analysis is desired to facilitate cost and economic assessments of new technologies.
  • Detailed knowledge of personal computers and standard software applications such as Microsoft Office. Knowledge of Visio, Project, and Matlab is highly desirable.
  • Working knowledge of the federal grant application process and federal grant compliance.


Skills Requirements

  • Ability to utilize effective technology scouting processes to identify new technologies and applications, raise awareness of the need for new technologies, and match technology scouting efforts to Company’s core strategies.
  • Ability to assess technology risks and new opportunities such that technology merits can be linked to business needs. Ideally, an entrepreneurial mindset will facilitate rapid assessments, vetting, and development that can support the Company’s technology innovation needs.
  • Ability to perform independent research and investigation, including the ability to conduct technical assessments using research and other processes.
  • Ability to build an informed technical opinion and communicate complex technical topics to a variety of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ability to develop and evaluate business cases for technology projects and programs.
  • Ability to lead and participate in both internal and external meetings. Demonstrated presentation and platform skills for effective group presentations.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills including effective written, oral and listening communication skills, in order to work effectively with all levels of the Company, outside contractors and consultants, governmental agencies, external stakeholders, community groups, and customers.
  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills to work and collaborate with a variety of individuals, including external customers as well as Company personnel. Ability to handle such issues with professionalism while using tact, courtesy and discretion. Demonstrated customer relation skills to handle confrontational, difficult and/or sensitive issues. 
  • In-depth analytical, organizational, planning, and conceptual skills to handle multiple projects, programs, and priorities concurrently.
  • Must have or be able to qualify for a State of Hawaii driver’s license. Must meet the standards for frequent or required driving positions stated in the Hiring Standards for Required Driving Positions policy. These standards may be adjusted periodically to meet business and safety objectives.


Experience Requirements

  • Extensive (8 or more years) of technical and business experience in a technical field, including management of budgets or equivalent technology or product development through job experience.
  • A Professional Engineer’s license or MBA is desirable.
  • Experience with operationalizing and scaling of new technologies and solutions within utilities, ideally within multiple areas including operations, planning, new business opportunities, and customer utilization, in order to facilitate technology transfer and scaling within the Company.
  • Existing networks and working relationships with individuals and organizations throughout the world that are involved with emerging technology and utility innovation efforts.


Role: Professional 

Number of Vacancies: 2 

Work Schedule: Monday - Friday

Work Hours: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm 

Lunch: 30 Minutes

Location: HECO Ward Avenue – Oahu 

Salary Range: The salary range for the Technology Consultant [Req ID 7736] position is 101,500.00 to 131,800.00. The person selected will be placed according to his/her skills and qualifications. 


Interested individuals who are employees of affiliate companies should apply online. The application must clearly indicate the demonstrated experience/knowledge/skills/abilities the candidate possesses which specifically qualifies him/her for the position.


Should there be no candidates with this experience, the company may consider applicants without such experience who meet the knowledge/skill requirements. If such a candidate is hired, he or she will initially be placed on a development plan commensurate with his/her education and experience level.


Applicant Certification
By submitting an application for the position, candidates:
1. Authorize the Hawaiian Electric Companies to confirm all statements contained in the application and/or any materials submitted and made a part of the application as they relate to the position and to the extent permitted by law;
2. Authorize and consent to, without reservation, the Hawaiian Electric Companies sharing any and all information regarding previous or present employment, educational training or personal information from their records and from any other source with the hiring department or subsidiary company;
3. Release, discharge, and hold harmless, Hawaiian Electric Companies, from any and all liability for any damage which may be claimed as a result of furnishing such information to the hiring department or subsidiary company;
4. Authorizes release and transfer of all personnel records to be maintained by the hiring company in the event of an inter-company transfer; and
5. Authorize, direct, and consent to Hawaiian Electric Companies and/or its authorized agents to conduct investigations into candidates' background. These investigations may include, but are not limited to searches for information about applicants; record of criminal convictions to the extent permitted by law, education records, professional certifications, personal character references, and employment history.


EEO Statement
Hawaiian Electric Companies is an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer. We actively seek diversity among our employees. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex/gender (including gender identity/expression), ancestry/national origin, disability, marital status, arrest and court record, sexual orientation, pregnancy, veteran status, genetic information, domestic or sexual violence victim status, or other protected categories in accordance with state and federal laws. We further encourage individuals with disabilities, minorities, veterans and women to apply.


Hawaiian Electric Companies complies with Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Any request for reasonable accommodation needed during the application process should be communicated by the candidate to the HR Service Center at (808) 543-4848.



Affiliate Disclaimer
Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc., Maui Electric Company, and Hawaii Electric Light (“Company”) are Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (“PUC”) regulated companies. The disclosure relating to Affiliate Transaction Requirements that follows is made pursuant to the PUC’s Decision and Order No. 35962, issued on December 19, 2018, and subsequently modified by Order No. 36112, issued on January 24, 2019 in Docket No. 2018-0065.

By submitting your application, you understand and acknowledge that, if you are hired by the Company and subsequently transferred, assigned or otherwise employed by an Affiliate, said Affiliate will be required to make a one-time payment to the Company in an amount up to twenty-five percent (25%) of your base annual compensation.  

In addition, if you are hired by the Company and subsequently transferred, assigned or otherwise employed by an Affiliate or an Affiliate-Related Entity, for a period of one year, you cannot appear in negotiations or otherwise interact directly with the Company or work on the same matter that you worked on while with the Company. 

Affiliate is defined as “any person or entity that possesses an ‘affiliate interest’ in a utility as defined by section 269-19.5, Hawaii Revised Statutes (“HRS”), including a utility’s parent holding company, except as otherwise provided by HRS section 269-19.5(h).”

Affiliate-Related Entity is defined as “a third party that provides electricity-related services in a regulated utility’s service territory that has a material financial, operational, or ownership interest with an unregulated affiliate of the utility and of whom the utility has reasonable knowledge.” 

For a current list of all Affiliates and Affiliate-Related Entities, please see:

This list may be amended, updated or revised from time to time without notice.  


Nearest Major Market: Honolulu
Nearest Secondary Market: Hawaii